Oil casing and oil drilling can not be separated

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Oil casing and oil drilling can not be separated from oil casing. Although steel pipes commonly used in construction have little mention of oil casing, it has been found by professionals that the combination of oil casing and cement mortar is very suitable for use. Construction sector. Cement mortar is a kind of cement with high quality fire extinguisher powder filling machine Manufacturers and good quality in all muds. Although it is fluid, it has high viscosity.We usually see the workers plastering the house, using the mortar, which is similar to the role of glutinous rice used in the ancient architecture of the Great Wall. Although there is no glutinous rice sticky, but for our modern building structure requirements That's enough.The strength of the cement mortar is very high.

Of course, here is the strength of the wall after it has been air-dried. Generally, it takes two or three days of air-drying time to completely dry the slurry, in addition to embodying the high strength of the cement mortar. In addition, when used as other building materials, the cement mortar is dried before use, so after air drying, cracks appear on the surface of the road during transportation, which reduces the strength.An oil casing, such as the J55 oil casing, serves as a conduit for fixing the wellbore and is hollow in the middle of the other conduits, and this has the position to fill the cement mortar. After filling cement mortar, it is almost the same as concrete. Housing and high-grade buildings built with cement mortar and oil casing are much stronger than other materials.First of all, cement mortar itself is a material with strong heat absorption properties. Once a fire breaks out, the heated area of??the oil casing filled with cement mortar is very uneven, which reduces the heating rate of the casing.

On the other hand, It is to increase the refractory time of the oil casing and give people enough opportunities to escape.Some steel pipes are too low in fire resistance and will collapse after being melted by fire. However, the casing of petroleum is not the same. Even if the outer casing is melted away, the internal cement mortar that has condensed into a column is strictly prevented from sticking to the maximum extent. Axial load is used to prevent the collapse of the house, and sufficient safety performance allows oil casing and cement mortar to gradually enter the construction industry.

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